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Hunter PGJ-04 4"PopUp 1/2"MiniTurfRotor

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List Price: $19.00
Our Price: $11.00
Item Number: H-PGJ-04
Manufacturer: Hunter
Manufacturer Part No: PGJ-04

PGJ ... The Gear-Driven Answer for Medium-Sized Areas

PGJ-04   4"PopUp 1/2" Medium Range Rotary Sprinkler

All the features and benefits of the PGP ,

scaled down to fit typical spray applications.

A rack of easy-to-install-and-change, water-efficient nozzles…just like PGP

Easy adjustment from the top of the sprinkler…just like PGP

The safety and durability of a rubber cover…just like PGP

The PGJ is a chip off the ol’ block, in essence a PGP “junior." 

Hunter has scaled down the world’s top-selling sprinkler exclusively for use in applications that typically call for a spray but where it’s now possible to have all the benefits of a rotor. 

The PGJ is capable of working in tandem with larger rotors to combine big and small areas in a single zone, offering a convenience and efficiency that sprays do not.

With PGJ, fewer heads perform more efficient work for a more economical price.

Radius Adjustment Screw Allows fine tuning of spray & positive nozzle retention, can't be lost
Protective Rubber Cover keeps debris out

40-360 degree adjustable arc Easily adjustable from top of sprinkler, up, down, wet or dry

Water-lubricated gear drive Time proven, reliable rotation, year after year

Variable stator Keeps rotation speed consistent regardless of nozzle size or pressure

Extra Large Filter Screen Traps more debris without clogging

Optional factory-installed drain check valve Prevents wet spots, caused by low head drainage


The PGJ rotor has been developed to fill the void of the “mid-range” area in todayʼs landscapes: spacings 18' to 37' (4.6 to9.1 m)…hard-to-fit sites that are too large for sprays yet too small for traditional rotary sprinklers. In essence, the PGJ has been designed as a “PGP junior,” offering all the features and benefits of our top-selling rotor, for use in small areas.

Offering greater efficiency in the application of water for slopes, medians and confined areas, PGJ eliminates wasteful runoff and puddling often associated with multiple-row spray head installations.


PGJ-00 – Shrub

PGJ-04 – 4" Pop-up (10 cm)

PGJ-06 – 6" Pop-up (15 cm)

PGJ-12 – 12" Pop-up (30 cm)


• Overall height:

PGJ-00 – 7" (18 cm)

PGJ-04 – 7 1⁄8" (18 cm)

PGJ-06 – 9 1⁄8" (23 cm)

PGJ-12 – 16 3/8" (41 cm)

• 1/2" female inlet NPT

• Exposed diameter: 11⁄8" (3 cm)


• Discharge rate: .64 to 5.3 GPM (0.15 to 1.2 m3/hr; 2.4 to 20.1 l/min)

• Radius: 15' to 37' (4.6 to 11.3 m)

• Recommended pressure range: 30 to 50 PSI (2.1 to 3.4 bars; 206 to 344 kPa)

• Operating pressure range: 20 to 100 PSI (1.4 to 6.9 bars; 137 to 689 kPa)

• Precipitation rates: approximately 0.60" (16 mm) per hour at 40 PSI (2.8 bars; 275 kPa) for spacings from 16' to 37' (4.6 to 11.3 m)

• Nozzle trajectory: approximately 14˚

Note: To ensure optimum nozzle performance, the rotor should be operated in the "Recommended pressure range." The sprinkler will work normally when used in the "Operating pressure range", but nozzle performance may be reduced.


• Drain check valve (Pop-up models only) for up to 7' (2.1 m) elevation change

• Reclaimed water cover